Chicago Police Department


45th Ward Police Districts

16th District

Maureen C. Biggane,


5151 N Milwaukee Ave

Chicago, IL 60630

Phone: 312-742-4480
Fax: 312-742-4421
TTY: 312-742-4423
Twitter: ChicagoCAPS16

17th District

Ronald A. Pontecore Jr.,


4650 N Pulaski Road

Chicago, IL 60630

Phone: 312-742-4410
Fax: 312-742-5411
TTY: 312-742-5451
Twitter: ChicagoCAPS17

If you are unsure which district you live in, you can use the CPD Find My District Tool by clicking here.

To access the CPD District Beats within the 45th Ward, click the bracket on top left section of the map and select the Police Beats Districts 16 & 17.